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The Leicester Difference

The easiness is what makes a move successful. That is why we difference our service by ensuring all facilities and experienced team to provide an easy move have knowledge in not just all aspects of moving, but know their way around Leicester as well!

We’re Always Listening

Your thoughts, needs, queries, expectations on moving service are our priority! We are listening the consumer’s voice through different ways of contact and through our local movers. Please share your valuable thoughts with us!

Quality Service

We pride and commit ourselves in providing quality service as a conduct of components like professionalism, calmness, punctuality, friendliness, efficiency and the environment.

Interesting Facts About Us

  • >We offer a first class moving service
  • >Home Moving services
  • >Office Moving Services
  • >Internal/Asset Moving
  • >Furniture Assembly
  • >Timely & Friendly staff
  • >Fully insured services
  • >Services designed to suit your needs
  • >Experienced Customer support
  • >Speedy Man with Van hire