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One of the worst things when you move is the fact that you have to plan everything properly. Many times doing this requires quite a lot of attention, time spent on menial stuff and all those other things that you won’t really enjoy that much in the first place. With that in mind, it’s a very good idea to receive professional Moving Advice and that’s where we can help. Our Moving Advice service is designed in order to address all of these concerns and offer you professional, high quality results that you do not want to miss.

Let’s face it, we all have questions when it comes to moving. From what materials to use to how we can package stuff properly, all of these are designed in order to deliver a great convenience and incredible results at the end of the day. That’s what manages to deliver a ton of value not to mention that you will receive the answers you are looking for very fast, and that’s crucial when you want to move fast. We also deliver professional moving services in Leicester, but if you just need Moving Advice we can offer that without any hassle and with a great focus on results, you can rest assured of that.

Here are a few tips to help you if you are moving soon:

1. The most important thing is to plan your move 2 months in advance. This will give you enough time to put together a plan that you could go back to throughout your move.

2. It is necessary to buy all the supplies you would need such as; different sized boxes, tape, bubble wrap etc. Once you have the basics, the little bits missing would not cause additional stress.

3. Begin packing earlier than later. If your house or property is large and you have a lot of items it is safer to begin packing earlier than required as this will keep you secure when the big day comes around.

4. Begin the packing stage from rooms with the least number of items as this will make packing feel quick and simple.

5. As hard as it seems, try your best to de-clutter. You could sell these items, give away to family and friends that have had their eye on it or give to charity. We all love clutter but when moving to a new property it is best to begin fresh.

6. Try not to over crowd boxes to save space. Extremely stuffed boxes could cause back injuries. Stay away from harming yourself and pack light.

7. If you are packing fragile items yourself, try to fill up all the sides of the boxes with newspaper. This will keep all items safe and undamaged.

8. Try to label all boxes so once they are at your new property you do not need to search each boxes for necessities, which leads us to pack a night bag. This will be items that you will need overnight and the next morning. We want you to be calm and relaxed in the morning and not stressed because you cannot find needs.

9. Make sure to start looking for removal companies early in the process. Availability is a big issue. We will cover you at any stage of your move however, you may not be happy with our requests. It is best to be safe.

10. Be prepared to meet your movers or your friends that are coming to help move all your items. Be ready and packed as this will save time and money.

11. If you are moving long distance be sure to prepare food so that you do not need to make too many stops as this saves time and money.

12. Be sure to support and look after your friends or the professional team that is moving you. This should be out of courtesy as they will be taking care of your belongings and making sure all items are safe.

13. Once you arrive at your new location make sure to have all items set in the rooms they belong to as this will make unpacking less of a hassle.

14. Try to take some time off work to unpack as much as possible as this will save you from having to wait till you get home to unpack bit by bit for a long period.

15. Make sure not to stress yourself too much, we know it is hard to have to relocate. However, the less you stress the more you could get done.

16. Finally, good luck to you and your household and we wish you all the best at your new property.

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Our company has more than 2 decades of experience in the moving industry so we do know the best approach for just about any situation that can appear. It’s all about understanding the issues and then figuring the right avenues when it comes to addressing them. Sure, it will not be easy to do so but the experience can be very impressive at the end of the day, you can rest assured of that. Plus, our approach is simple so you can easily understand everything on the spot.

If you want to move fast and with the best results, then you should contact us right now. Our Moving Advice is here to deliver you all the best methods that will help you move fast and in complete service. Don’t hesitate and work with professionals that have a lot of experience in this sector, contact us right now and we will happily assist with your inquiry.

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